Sep 15, 2010

Pride of Australia

Today I'm double happy!! Not because something great happened with me, but I'm so excited about the success of two people I know from totally different walks of life! Gary Lee & Marita Cheng are the two people who received the 'Pride of Australia' award yesterday! 

Gary Lee, won the "Pride of Australia" award in the 'Fair Go' category. He is working as the International Student & Youth Project Officer at City of Melbourne. I work under Gary as a volunteer for InterCoM activities. InterCoM is a committee of young people made up of local and international students as well as staff from various organizations.

Marita Cheng, won the award in the 'Young Leader' category. She is a student at University of Melbourne doing double degree in Mechatronics Engineering & Computer Science. She is also a young entrepreneur of age 20 and the founder of 'not-for-profit' organization called "Robogals". I met her through UoM & RMIT Google Geek Girls Coffee Club.

Now, you must be thinking, why I'm so happy about this news.. Well, they gives me an inspiration to do something better, something more..!! And that inspiration keeps me going! I thought it's worth to share the news about these people around me who are really making a big difference in the society through their little deeds! :)

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