Oct 31, 2010

The Perfect Dream!

Everything was perfect..

I was in a whole new world of peace & serenity..
In the arms of my perfect man!
Drenching in the first rain of summer..
Kissing each other wildly..!!

Suddenly, it became so dark..
With howling wind & pounding rain..
Felt as if I was slipping out of his hands..
Into the avalanche of life..

When I opened eyes, I was in a very familiar room
With an old oil painting on the wall..
Lying on a faded bed sheet, with an unknown man..
But people call him my HUSBAND..

Life is not perfect.. & you won't get the perfect man..
All these can happen only in a "Perfect Dream"..!

Oct 30, 2010

Life @ Crossroads!

No one wants me to be me,
They all want me to be the person they want..
I'm not like every other girl,
Who waits for a love filled ending..! 

My roads are different,
They may not intersect with yours..
Leave me at this cross roads,
I don't want you to loose your track..!

Lemme travel alone..
To the unknown destiny.. 
To the unknown world..
Where I believe someone is waiting..!!

Oct 28, 2010

Double Life!

I'm living a double life..! 

A life of my dreams.. and,
A life of HIS dreams.. 

A life as the little girl of my family.. and,
A life as the secret woman of HIS life..

A life of happiness, hope & love.. and,
A life of despair, pain & suffering.. 

I'm living a double life...
A life of my dreams.. & a life of HIS dreams..