Aug 26, 2006

Faces in the Past

I took a little time today,
to reminisce of yesterday..
To review my lives in the
past recorded photographs..

As I page through the years,
Sometimes I shed some tears..
So many faces I have known,
Some passed away & others grown..

Sometimes it's hard to realize,
When all spread out before my eyes,
With all the pictures that I took,
our whole lives are in this book.

My Life

I went in search,
To find my death
Thinking, I had no life!

I was shown untrue,
When I turned, I saw Life
Sitting by my side

There the whole time
Waiting to be noticed
To show me - My Life!


The world will never know my beauty,
It is far too ignorant and blind to understand,
Or even see something so exalted..!

I’ll love whomever I please, 
I have, & still do..

I’m broken but strong,
Knowing I’ll never die by society’s hand though,
Its weight makes it harder to breathe...!

So I walk on and I walk tall,
With every moment of pain
hidden on my delicate skin..!

A road map to what once was,
A place I never plan to venture..!

I live for the moment alone,
Forget the future and past,
They exist only in one’s mind..

I expect little, but hope for the world,
Think small but dream big..!

The world will never know my beauty,
For I could never be part of this world...!

Aug 1, 2006

My Open Diary

Always planned to start a 'blog-diary', but somehow it never turned out..!!

Let today be the beginning..
Before the day becomes a memory, lemme post this..!!