Dec 1, 2006

Goodbye LBS

Only five more months left in my campus life…
Don’t know how I feel after these five months….

Do I miss my friends..? My Hostel Room….
My close friends.. 

Making fun of Maattu with Pandi….
Hindi talks of Rasi….
Scanning Sharukh movies with SuNi..
Serious talks with Raakhi…
Soft voice of Pomu..
Playing Nature Park of Rosh..

Sunday Fried Rice with Pooch…
Copying Ishi’s notes…
Silly fights with Dippu…
Hot discussions with Nimi

Evenings in the terrace.. Dark corridors….
Waterless taps… Midnight studies during exams…

Hmmmm… I’m going to miss all these….
The moments we shared together are,
going to be the beautiful memories in my life…
I’m gonna miss you all…!

Aug 26, 2006

Faces in the Past

I took a little time today,
to reminisce of yesterday..
To review my lives in the
past recorded photographs..

As I page through the years,
Sometimes I shed some tears..
So many faces I have known,
Some passed away & others grown..

Sometimes it's hard to realize,
When all spread out before my eyes,
With all the pictures that I took,
our whole lives are in this book.

My Life

I went in search,
To find my death
Thinking, I had no life!

I was shown untrue,
When I turned, I saw Life
Sitting by my side

There the whole time
Waiting to be noticed
To show me - My Life!


The world will never know my beauty,
It is far too ignorant and blind to understand,
Or even see something so exalted..!

I’ll love whomever I please, 
I have, & still do..

I’m broken but strong,
Knowing I’ll never die by society’s hand though,
Its weight makes it harder to breathe...!

So I walk on and I walk tall,
With every moment of pain
hidden on my delicate skin..!

A road map to what once was,
A place I never plan to venture..!

I live for the moment alone,
Forget the future and past,
They exist only in one’s mind..

I expect little, but hope for the world,
Think small but dream big..!

The world will never know my beauty,
For I could never be part of this world...!

Aug 1, 2006

My Open Diary

Always planned to start a 'blog-diary', but somehow it never turned out..!!

Let today be the beginning..
Before the day becomes a memory, lemme post this..!!