May 10, 2010

Should I give myself a new chance?

I know it has been a while I didn't post anything. Got busy with uni work.

I can't really figure out when  blogspot became my emotional outlet. I was browsing through my old posts in different blogs, I can't help but laugh and realize new things in life. I found it stupid (my journal entries). Yes, stupid! I can deeply say that I was emotionally stressed at that time and I'm not wrong to say that, "I know, one day, all these entries of mine will be just an amazing memory and chapter. One day, I'll find a way to laugh it all up and realize how things can be a bit different from what I used to be". -- Now, I can see myself laughing so hard about my rants I made once. I wanted to delete those entries at first, but I can't because I know, it would always be a part of me, though. Those times were hard as rock, believe me and I am just so happy that I learned to get over with those things. Its true that, sometimes, all we need is time to be a much better person than what we are now!

Initially, my mind was full of uncertainty and doubts and as days pass through, in some ways, I realized things are better this way. Those emotional and excess baggage I've been keeping to myself for so long, finally, I learned to let it all out and its great to see how good life can be. There are things in life that we can only learn through experiences. I gained so much lessons in life that I'll be holding through after all. I want to give extra space to the new chapter and let my doors be open for something that is worthy! :-)