Jun 11, 2010

I Believe

I believe in angels, aliens & all the invisible souls around me!
I believe in almost everything that normal persons think isn't real!

I believe in dreams, the ones that never would come true!
I believe in hope, &I believe in destiny..
I believe in immortality, and everyone can be immortal..

I believe that time will make things right &
I'll be always a perfect ME, as all others..

I still believe in everything, because belief is my strength!

Jun 8, 2010

Afraid to be Naked

I'm afraid to be naked..
I'm afraid to be exposed..
I'm afraid to look at myself in the mirror,
and acknowledge who I am!

There's a person I've built,
the way I want to be perceived,
the mask I want everyone to see..
I'm afraid to look in the mirror,
and to find how people really see me!

I edit everything I say & everything I do..
I want world to see me how I want to be seen..
So I just blur the truth..
I can't let myself be revealed for who I am!

I can't let you get close..
I won't let you get close..
I'm afraid to be naked..!

Jun 5, 2010

Between Words

Words are my passion..
Just like blood through my vein,
Every time they slip out,
The page gets so stained..

Between words, I can feel a new "ME",
Between words, I can find who I used to be..
Between words, sometimes I get caught..
And never returns back..

Jun 3, 2010


 I feel trapped inside a woman's body..
I don't think it's mine...
And I don't whose body is this..
Who am I?? Can you tell me..? :)

Jun 1, 2010


Loneliness has never felt this way before..
I don't know how long I've been staring at this book..
I shut it, but I know what I left behind...
Something that used to occupy every inch of my mind..

Now the only thing left with me is....

          p                             s
    m       t                     s       .
E                 i         e                .
                         n                        .

Emptiness is finding a new meaning here..
& I'm enjoying it..!